One armed girl and her adopted three legged cat

such a cute story!
5th January 2016

Having only lost my arm at 19 allowed to skip probably the hardest part of the process – children. As a child other children can be brutal and I am sure mentally it takes more to understand the differences between yourself and others.

I found this article on one of favourite webstie – Bored Panda, (always worth a read as it has so many inspirational articles and creative inspiration) about a young girl who was dealing wit the loss of her arm at a veryu yopung ange and to assist, there parents adopted a three leggd cat. Neecless to say the two became great friends and the cat acted as a way to understand the life for the young child.

A lovely story, read more about the one armed girl and her three legged cat here.

author: peter Langdown

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