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Discover just why you are awesome having One Arm...

Hi There and welcome to my site about having one arm!

Please not I only launched this site on the 5th January so it is very empty at the moment but over the next 6 weeks it will start being populated with some fantastic content so watch this space!

I created this site as I lost my arm at 19 and could not find any decent communities for people with One Arm, I felt very isolated and alone. Looking online I couldn’t find any support and in fact quite a bit of negativity so I ended up going through the process of dealing with my amputation on my own. I had my family and friends for support but no one with the same disability as me, luckily though I am a pro-active guy and got on with it and now am empowered by my disability.

Remember, two arms are for lazy people!

I feel that having one arm is not something negative, it’s just the way I am, the same as being blonde or brunette, fat or thin, it’s who I am and I am proud of bossing life with one arm.
However 14 years later on (December 2015) and I still have only properly met 4 other people with one arm face to face!! Online maybe another few and I have seen a few around in the streets… so as of today I am on a mission to bring us together!
I have broken the site into a couple of sections:
Tutorials – over the years I have nailed doing pretty much anything one armed, in fact I have forgotten what it is like to be two armed and am often surprised at how people do things two armed haha! So I am putting some videos together to show you my take on how I do things one armed
Stories – I want to hear from you and your stories so together we can all share what happened and how we live with one arm and to show people out there who may have just joined the club that we are awesome! If you have a good story, message me on the Facebook page
General Musings – Here I am just going to blog about general thoughts and stories about having one arm, where you can get some of my own personal thoughts on what I feel about it and the general world of one arm-ness!
The forum – A place to talk and discuss your thoughts on having one arm, an online Facebook group you can visit here!
There are lots of people out there with one arm or only use of one arm / hand and I want to bring us together! Not only that but people are losing arms EVERY day so if you are out there, fret not I and indeed we are here for you!
Join in with our page and remember- two arms are for lazy people!!!!

author: peter Langdown

My main passion is being a creative genius - from design, art, web, photography, illustration in the office to building projects outside of the office I am always creating! With a huge passion for life and love, my goal is always to bring happiness and fulfliment to peoples lives - after all, life is to be happy and make others happy!

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