Why I created Onearm.co.uk

12th January 2016

Heya guys! I’m Peter Langdown and I wanted to make this first video to introduce myself and take you through what I want my website onearm.co.uk is going be all about!
So basically I lost my arm in a car accident about 14 years ago, it was pretty hard times but I picked myself up and got on with it. Today, 14 years on, I feel like my ‘disability’ if anything empowers me, but go back 14 years and it was a different story.
Although I had it together under the circumstances, I had never really met anyone with one arm before and unsurprisingly having not met anyone in 19 years previously, wasn’t about to bump into anyone either. So I turned to the internet and that was not much help, in fact I found some really negative youtube videos and posts which I found upsetting. All in I felt very isolated and alone in the world.
So now, years on and I feel like I have bossed the one arm malarky and now I have more time on my hands, I want to get a website up and create a community for all you out there who have lost and arm, hand, use of an arm, or hey even if you’ve just broken a wrist jump on board and enjoy the community I hoping to build!
The site is going to broken into a few sections:
Tutorial videos for the ‘newly initiated’ into the one arm world
News and resources I find out there in the big ‘www’ and hey if you find any cool links email them to me!
Stories – I want to put up inspirational stories of other one armed legends out there so you can see how awesome we are really 😉
Community – I have a Facebook page and group – so if you want to chat and bring up discussions hope over to face b and there re link below to join 😉
Merchandise – So I think if you have one arm, you are awesome! So be proud and buy some merchandise to show the rest of the world you are proud to – and remember ‘two arms are for lazy people!’
So thats really me Peter Langdown, and what this site is all about. I know its a bit bare at the moment but I already have a good load of content to publish so follow the site and join in the revolution!
Thats me for now, Pete langown of onearm.com and remember people – Two arms are for Lazy people! 😀

author: peter Langdown

My main passion is being a creative genius - from design, art, web, photography, illustration in the office to building projects outside of the office I am always creating! With a huge passion for life and love, my goal is always to bring happiness and fulfliment to peoples lives - after all, life is to be happy and make others happy!

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